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teacher in a classroom with students

At Branson, a wide variety of pathways can take you through your four-year journey. 

Our distinguished teaching faculty constantly reimagine educational excellence. Each year, we work to make sure our curriculum is relevant, engaging, and centers the questions and topics that interest our students. The teaching faculty create the curriculum, and the general course of study for our students is shaped by the aspirations of our mission and the ambition and vision of our strategic goals. We are passionate about students having choice and agency as they weave together a four-year academic experience that is unique to them.

Branson’s class offerings build upon our long legacy of academic excellence and leadership in the field of independent education. By choosing unique textbooks and materials, Branson builds its own curriculum to ensure that our students receive an education that truly prepares them for the world they will encounter.

Take a look at our current and future course offerings: 

Curriculum Guide 2023-24 | Guía de Estudios 2023-24

Immersive Course Catalog 2024  |  Catálogo de Cursos de Inmersión 2024

Curriculum Guide 2024-25 | Guía de Estudios 2024-25

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